IO5 - Policy Recommendations Report

Policy Paper

REMOTE CTRL Outputs IO5 - Policy Recommendations Report

When a concept comes along that can increase profits for employers, improve happiness and well-being in employees and help to regenerate the environment, policy makers must stand up and take note. The REMOTE CTRL consortium will no doubt find a number of positives and negatives to remote working along the course of the project. All of the experienced gained and worth sharing will be shared through the publication of a Policy Paper.

In many ways, on an Erasmus+ level, REMOTE CTRL is an experiment. It is an experiment to see how well a consortium can run a project remotely from start to finish; to see if it is possible to address and problems that might arise; and then to be able to take all
that is learned and share it with businesses, tutors, employees and policy makers. Innovation is what Erasmus+ is meant to be all about. It is about "backing brave".

The Policy Paper will provide a series of policy recommendations based on the experiences of partners in the consortium, the impact achieved by the project in what is a relatively short time, the potential for further development of the REMOTE CTRL model, and potential resource implications.
The policy paper will consider the role to be played by all implicated parties in ensuring that the maximum benefits can be extracted from ubiquitous technologies through responsible remote working strategies based on the available digital tools.
The policy paper will also address the essential role that in-service training for VET tutors plays in achieving quality learning outcomes especially when working in technology enhanced environments.

Finally, the policy paper will assess the experience of the project partners in 8 different countries and make recommendations for policy change on the basis of that experience. It will consider why a change of policy approach might be relevant and the cost benefits to be derived from the new model developed.

The resources will be available, in all partner languages by end of August 2022.