The REMOTE CTRL MOOC will be the main learning interface of the project and will offer users an engaging learning environment where they can develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes in remote working. This online environment will support employers and employees to engage in enriching autonomous learning and also to complete self-assessments of their own remote working skills and aptitudes. Through the remote working resources developed, users will have the opportunity to interact with a significant amount of new information, interpreting it by analysis and self-assessment exercises developed to support them to become independent thinkers.

The MOOC will present the full range of learning resources developed in all partner languages.
The aim of the MOOC is to provide users with a transparent learning environment that allows VET tutors to guide their clients through the learning process and evaluate their performance. It will also support educators and learners to fine-tune their technology skills, and share ideas by collaborating with colleagues and counterparts in the 8 partner countries.

It will have all the usual social media features that are now common in online learning environments and will have a reserved access area on the platform to allow educators consult and exchange with the other members of this network.

The MOOC will be fully developed in all partner languages by end of January 2022.