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The University of Peloponnese

The Department of Social and Education Policy of the University of the Peloponnese was established in 2003 and belongs to the School of Social and Political Sciences, based in Corinth, Greece. Its prime mission is to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the areas of social and education policy through academic teaching, and applied research. The Department offers undergraduate programmes that reflect the Staff’s commitment to students’ development, aiming to equip them with the necessary knowledge, skills and qualifications that will enable them to successfully seek professional careers, as well as to provide them with appropriate qualifications for postgraduate studies and research. It organizes graduate studies leading to the education of specialists in various academic subjects and promotes science and research, especially in the fields of the protection of civil/social rights, the enhancement of the structures of welfare state, prevention and safety, in combination with social development, lifelong learning, adult education, and design of innovative social and educational policies and institutional arrangements. The Department is autonomous both administratively and academically, with 22 faculty members covering all positions in the academic hierarchy. There is also an instructor who teaches English as a second language, an ICT specialist and 6 administrative staff. Currently there are approximately 700 registered students (400 undergraduates, 200 in the graduate level and approximately 100 doctoral candidates). The department has recently undergone an external evaluation by a panel of international experts. The outcome of this evaluation procedure was the confirmation of the high standards of the department’s teaching and research output.

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