IO2 - REMOTE CTRL Toolkit for Employees

The Toolkit for Employees

REMOTE CTRL Outputs IO2 - REMOTE CTRL Toolkit for Employees

The second objective of the REMOTE CTRL project is to support employees in a remote working career. The needs of employers and employees in remote working are quite different, and those needs have been reflected in the proposed toolkit.

REMOTE CTRL project aims to develop the remote working literacies of employees so that they can manage successful remote careers. As such, rather than addressing just one element of remote working, the Toolkit provides a complete suite of resources that addresses the issue from a holistic perspective. The Toolkit comprises 18 Remote Career Planning Resources, which are available online through the MOOC in all partner languages.

The suite of 18 resources comprises 3 core areas selected by partners, namely:

1) Prepare – skills for remote working readiness. Topics covered by these resources include: the ability to work remotely in a team; virtual communication; time management and organisation; creative problem- solving; initiative and enterprise; critical and analytical thinking and ability to apply discipline, knowledge and concepts.

2) Search – skills for remote job seeking. Topics covered by these resources include: how to conduct research, how to analyse information, how to communicate virtually with employers of labour market experts, how to assess your own skills, how to present themselves for an online interview, preparing for pre-interview assessments and competitive interviews, competences and interests in the context of a career planning exercise.

3) Secure – skills for remote job retention. Topics covered by these resources winclude: understanding current labour market trends; how to improve personal digitisation to affect my job positively; becoming more adaptable to changes in remote working roles; how to examine future remote working skill needs; developing my soft skills for the future; how to futureproof my career.