REMOTE CTRL is an Erasmus+ funded project, running from September  2020 to end of  August  2022.

On this website you will find information about the events organised by the project as well as the developed resources.

The objective of REMOTE CTRL project is to build skills and attributes of both employees and employers, preparing them to implement remote work or flexible work patterns, and to increase their potential to adapt to the changing digitized economy.

The REMOTE CTRL project aims to develop bespoke training resources that will address the needs of employers, employees and VET tutors in a remote working environment. The project will support front-line educators, business owners and managers and individual employees to take the first step towards re-building their social, civic and economic lives, by adapting to remote working.

The REMOTE CTRL project proposes the following outputs to reach these objectives:

(1) REMOTE CTRL Masterclasses and Manual for Employers – comprising a comprehensive training programme that will be delivered through a series of time-bound master-class sessions to support managers to adapt their management style for a remote working environment.
(2) REMOTE CTRL Toolkit for Employees – aims to develop the remote working literacies of employees so that they can manage successful remote careers.
(3) In Service Training Programme for VET Tutors – this programme will support VET tutors to get the most out of both the toolkits, thus, providing support to employers during their remote working journey.
(4) MOOC – The MOOC will house all of the materials created during the lifetime of the project under the one roof. It will be free for anyone to use, and can be accessed remotely, from anywhere in the world. The MOOC will be fully optimised across all devices and platforms.
(5) Policy Recommendations Report – The consortium is aware that the model proposed in this project has the potential to yield significant policy-learning across the participant countries. As such, a policy paper will be key publication at the end of this project to allow partners to reflect on the lessons learned, to make policy recommendations and influence labour market and VET policy on a national and European level.